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Swedish M1867 Rolling Block

This 1871 dated Carl Gustavson built rifle is all-matching including barrel, receiver, forestock, buttstock and even its buttplate. It is in serviceable condition overall and includes it�s correct cleaning rod and sling swivels. It is missing only the front sight blade.  Most of the original finish is gone and the receiver is mottled but there is no significant pitting although there are a few spots along the woodline. The lands and grooves of the bore are sharp and crisp but there is an area of roughness halfway down the barrel that is going to require some polishing and smoothing. The wood is in especially nice condition as well.
Note: The extractor retainer screw�s little tip is broken so that the screw does not retain the extractor, which is apt to fall out.  You should plan on doing a little fitting of the extractor and adding a tiny tip to the retainer screw. 

Swedish M1867 Rolling Block

SKU: 735

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