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                                                      LINKS to other  wonderful sites   Dan Reynolds & RK Smith maintain and continually improve this Five-Star/Do-Not-Miss collector's site.

Man at Arms Magazine, published by Mowbray Publishing, is "The NRA Journal for the American Arms Collector", and is perhaps the finest scholarly journal devoted to arms collecting published in the English language.  Information regarding subscriptions, articles and back issues, may be found at the Man At Arms website.

The Military Rifle Journal   The Military Rifle Journal is a monthly newsletter dedicated to the identification, usage and history of the world’s military rifles. The site is a reference for on going research projects and a repository for those articles from The Military Rifle Journal that contain useful information such as book reviews and book updates/corrections.

  A dealer in mostly newer (i.e., less than 100 yrs old!) military rifles but some nice pics and worth the visit!!

  Le fusil Comblain:  Henrotin Ge'rard's wonderful site on the history and technology of the Comblain rifle.  In french, so if you have trouble with the information let me know.  The photos are universal though!

Bullet 'N Press   "THE ANTIQUE FIREARMS NEWSPAPER WITH A FOCUS ON HISTORY"  A wonderful hard copy and online magazine devoted to antique firearms.

  A super-link site.  Thousands of Firearms/shooting links and a wonderful search engine.

Military Guns Photo Gallery    Jean Plamondon's website with a large number of excellent photos of guns of the world.  He has graciaously allowed me to post some of his images on this site as well.

Fontenla & Fontenla:  Fierros, armas históricas, recargas, guns, ammunition  This is my friend Eduardo Fontenla's new site.  Still under construction and in spanish but the "Diccionario" is definitely worth both the visit and to bookmark!

MDSmith's Reloading Pages    EXCELLENT reloading site!  Recommended!!

Old Guns   John Spangler's wonderful site called Antique and Collectable Firearms and Militaria Headquarters with a tag line of: "Serving

Collectors and Students of Firearms and Military History."  Definitely worth a stop in to visit.

Old Rifles  Mike Kerrigan's site with a good number of photos of military rifles from the period 1850-1950.  Particularly worthwhile for photos of military rifles just past the era 1888 which is about my cut-off.  Besides, Mike is a great guy!!!

Research Press  David Minshall's Historical reference Site.  This site has a number of very interesting and informative 19th century firearms profiles,  reprints of actual 19th century firearms literature and drawings.  Both beautiful and information as close to the souce as we can likely get!

Military Arms Photo Gallery  A beautiful site full of wonderful photos, most similar site to mine I've come across.  Military from Percussion to just pre-high-tech smallarms.

Oldrifles@OldGuns.Com;   Be sure to sign up with a Listserver!!

Collectible Firearms  Kristopher Gasior's site.  If you're looking to buy some of this stuff, this is an ideal site.  Always has many of these fine rifles and many difficult to find specimens in good condition.  Check it out.

Martini Gallery

JHarri3262@aol     Nice Personal Link

Doug Bowsere's Site  very educational

Univ Penn Law School Second Amendment Society  Bunch of gun nuts with a great many links!!
       (If anyone can tell me what happened to this site, I'd certainly appreciate it!

GunsAmerica   Large guns classified ad site - If you're shopping, check it out!

Rich's Firearms Page  Rich Comer's site with a large number of links, wide gun related   subject matter and Gun Chat - the chat room for gun enthusiasts.  :)



Bayonet Forum  Christian Mery's French site with text in both French and English.  Worthwhile as many good photos and good text information.

Association of Bayonet Collectors

Email me to add your link.  KeithDoyon@militaryrifles(.)com

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