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Disclaimer regarding shooting antique rifles!

While I personally enjoy shooting most all of these old rifles, please note that every rifle I collect (and therefore buy, trade and sell) is easily over 100 years old. They were, with few exceptions (e.g., the Lebels), designed for firing BLACK POWDER cartridges only. I am not a gunsmith nor an expert on the safety of firearms, nor am I able to asses how anyone might use any such rifle.

Therefore [read this part carefully!]: I make no representations of any kind that any rifle that I offer for sale or trade is safe to shoot, and I will not be held liable in the event of any injury or loss as a result of anyone shooting or attempting to shoot any rifle that I sell or trade. If you should desire to shoot any of these rifles, you MUST have the rifle checked out by a competent gunsmith, and use only carefully manufactured ammunition loaded with black powder only. Even then, even if you take all reasonable precautions, there may be flaws that could not have reasonably been forseen. I am not responsible for such flaws. Indeed, I disclaim liability for all damages from whatever cause including negligente acts. Always treat every rifle as loaded, keep pointed in a safe direction, participate in an NRA sponsored safety course, etc., you know the drill.

I believe that all of these rifles are safe to shoot with appropriate ammunition, but I DO NOT KNOW FOR SURE THAT ANY OF THEM ARE SAFE TO SHOOT. You must be fully responsible for your own safety and the safety of those around you.

Copyright 1997-2022 Keith Doyon & Josh Underkofler

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