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Swedish M1867 Remington-built Rolling Block

In 1867, Sweden, Norway and Denmark all adopted the Remington rolling block rifle, with Denmark adopting a .45 caliber version, while Sweden and Norway adopted a .50 caliber (12.7mm) version allowing them to convert existing stocks of muzzle loaders more economically.   As part of the initial order and purchase of rights from Remington, Remington supplied Sweden with a small number of receivers on which Sweden effected conversions of earlier muzzle loaders by adapting wood, barrel bands and rod to the Remington action.  This is an example of such a rifle, which carries a Remington-manufactured receiver and Swedish (Carl Gustafs) barrel and furniture.  The barrel is well marked with Carl Gustafs markings and proofs while the Remington receiver is well marked with Remington patent information and Remington serial number.  The butt stock is well marked with unit markings, which had been overlaid with a brass unit disk, now missing. *(Note:  I have located a Swedish brass unit disk which I will send with the rifle.)
In Sweden this rifle is known as:  1867 ars gevar, laset tillverkat i Amerika (M1867 laset tillverkat i Amerika)

  Remington receiver marked Scandinavian rolling blocks are scarce as they were the earliest rifles adopted and thus saw service the longest.  This rifle has a very good bore with deep, sharp rifling with only the slightest bit of unevenness, a center-fire breach block and very good sights.  this rifle would make an excellent shooter (the US .50-.70 government cartridge generally works well in many of these Swedish rolling block rifles).   It originally mounted a short small bayonet lug on the right side slightly behind the front sight which has at some point been removed so that the rifle now mounts the M1867 socket bayonet.   (I have such a bayonet for sale if it interest you.  Let me know.)
  Please note that while the rifle is pictured with a sling, there is no sling present and a sling is not included.  Other than the missing brass disk and bayo lug, this uncommon Swedish version rifle is complete, with all original parts, including original cleaning rod, and is fully functional with crisp tight action. 

Swedish M1867 Remington-built Rolling Block

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