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Russian M1870 Berdan II Infantry Rifle

This rifle has been clearly used, but honestly so and remains fully functional and a very interesting and quite scarce/high demand collectors piece.  As the pictures show, except for the sling swivels and cleaning rod, the rifle is complete with all parts, including rear elevation ladder and slide and it is fully functional.  The bore is plainly dirty, but it appears to be in decent enough shape to shoot with distinct lands and groves and not too much evidence of pitting or severe neglect.  It is by no means pristine.  Stock is not in bad shape except for the unfortunate presence of two dragoon style sling holes bored through the forestock and buttstock, obviously a  long time ago.  These were likely put there as a result of missing sling swivels.   As a historical curiosity, it should be noted that many if not most Russian Berdan II rifles are found without upper sling swivels, the result of the fact that, unlike upper swivels on most other nations' rifles, the Russians swivels are not solid drilled through pieces but rather are a tongue wrapped around the band screw not welded closed, thus it was easier for the metal tongue to straighten under pressure and let go.  
This SESTRORYETSK manufactured Berdan II is an Afghan bring-back that honestly shows the rifle's hard life without apology.  The bolt parts do not match the barrel and receiver, which is generally to be expected with Afghan rifles that spent their whole life in the field.  The rifle is, however, a scarcely encountered Sestroryetsk-manufactured piece and is profusely marked with Sestroryetsk trademark arrows on all significant parts.  While the rifle does have spots of pitting in various places (see photos) it is nevertheless solid and sound with fully functional mechanicals and, good wood except for a pair of sling holes in buttstock and forestock, although the wood does remain strong and sound.  All parts are original and present except for its sling swivels, also usually missing on heavily used Afghan rifles.  The bore is not perfect but it is strong, with deep sharp lands and grooves with no significant areas of pitting.  It just needs a good lapping.  The markings remain strong and clear throughout except for the butt stock roundel cartouche which is not really visible.  All in all, however, this is a good representative example of very scarce rifle. 

Russian M1870 Berdan II Infantry Rifle

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