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Nepalese Gehendra early

 This unique home-grown Nepalese rifle appeared on the scene after its cartridge, the .577-.450 British was well obsolete, but there was still plenty of that ammunition around the world, and none of Nepal�s neighbors had any superior weapons except their allies, the British.  The rifle is not at all a Martini (Which is the design of an internal, coil-spring powered striker in lieu of a conventional hammer), but rather, fundamentally a Westley Richards design of a conventional flat spring powered hammer housed within a Peabody pivoting-block receiver.  It was ostensibly designed by (or at least promoted by) General Gahendra, a prominent member of the Nepalese Royal family and an ardent arms enthusiast.  
  This particular rifle is one of the early type variants (identified by the positioning of its lower transverse receiver screw at the back of the action).  Itis in very good condition with no significant rust or pitting anywhere.  While the original finish is gone from the barrel, it still retains much of its original finish on the receiver while all of the other metal parts are turning a pleasing silverish.
  The Henry rifling bore on this one remains in excellent condition and the wood has only a few very light handling marks with no significant chips or gouges.  All of the markings throughout, both on the metal parts and on the right side of the buttstock, are sharp, clear and distinctly readable. 
  The rifle is complete with all of its mechanical parts, both sling swivels and original cleaning rod.
 These rifles had significantly higher production quality control than the Nepalese Westley Richards Improved Martinis which were contemporaries but quickly retired.  The Gehendras make fine shooters, as this one certainly would also (once checked and cleared to do so by a competent gunsmith). 

Nepalese Gehendra early

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