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French Mle1874 Gras (not M.80)

This is actually a very nice French Gras that would make both a good addition to a collection as well as a very respectable shooter. You will see from the pics that it is completely matching including matching bolt and bolt head, and it is also very well marked. Note that this is a Mle1874, not a Mle74 M.80 (the M.80 is a much more common version).   This rifle has a very nice stock with very few dings and handling marks and it is especially well buttstock cartouched and numbered. It needs a �Holy Water� plug reinstalled. but that's all that the stock needs.   The bolt head could use some light restoration work in order to make it look more appealing, however this rifle is so nice and matching and that it is worth a little restoration effort (I just don't have time, unfortunately or I would keep it).  The rifle is missing its cleaning rod but is otherwise complete with all swivels, bands and screws.  It should be fun to shoot as its bore is surprisingly good, with strong lands and grooves, 95% shiny with only traces of roughness in a few scattered areas in some of the grooves. 

French Mle1874 Gras (not M.80)

SKU: 707

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