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Danish Remington-made RB M1867/97

This  rifle is both an excellent example, eminently shootable Danish rolling block as well as a relatively scarce and highly collectible early Remington-made rifle.  
As indicated in the nomenclature, this M1867/97 Danish rolling block was not made at the Copenhagen armory by Danes, but rather as part of the first original contract of 1867-68 in which Remington manufactured the first batch of rolling blocks while Denmark was getting its tooling up to speed.  Denmark had just recently lost the Danish-Prussian War of 1864 to Prussia, in significant measure due to the superiority of Prussia�s Dreyse breechloader over Denmark�s muzzle- loading equipped army, and it wasn�t about to scrimp on modernization. When the Scandinavian countries (Denmark and Norway-Sweden) contracted to buy Remington rifles after Remington�s win at the Paris world exhibition in 1866, the Danes agreed to buy 30,000 rifles from Remington initially and to manufacture the remainder of their needs under license in their own arsenal (the well known kjobenhavens toihuus, (Copenhagen arsenal)).  Most M1867 Danish rolling blocks seen in this country are later Danish manufactured models, but this is one of the originals, and remains in surprisingly excellent condition.

Remington delivered distinctive rifles, slightly different than that which was manufactured by the Danes.  The receivers are Remington marked on the tang, with Remington�s then 2-line patent data and are not marked on the left side of the receiver as the Danish rifles are, except with a small Danish acceptance stamp.  The butt plates are not Danish acceptance stamped as the Danish rifles are.  Otherwise the rifles are pretty much interchangeable, as is this one.  
The rifle remains in high condition with most all of the barrel blue remaining in excellent shape, the remaining parts in bright, rust and pit free white as original, and the bore a well taken care of, perfect, shooting tube.   The Danish rolling blocks were chamber for a 45 caliber cartridge which as a model 1867/96 was re-chambered for the longer Danish cartridge which is almost identical to the US45/70.  In fact, many Americans shoot the Danish rolling block using 45/70 ammunition and resizing only the necks and is currently set for center fire.  This is an excellent example of difficult to find variety of rolling block in fine condition and top tier shootablity. 

Danish Remington-made RB M1867/97

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