M1873 (and M1873/77) Werndl

GENERALLY:  This rifle was an improved version of the M1867 Werndl, most noticeably with the breechblock rotating lever turned up to make it more convenient to operate and with the hammer relocated to pivot inside the wrist of the rifle rather than attached to the outside of an external lock plate.

PHOTO: The rifle shown is a M1873/77 Jeager rifle. It, like the M1867/77 Werndl displayed on a seperate page, differs from the Infantry rifle only in its pistol grip trigger guard. The 73/77 designation indicates that the rifle was rebarreled to chamber the improved 11.15x58R bottleneck cartridge (converted from the 11.15x42R) and resighted. External appearance between the M1873 and M73/77 are very slight.
DISTINGUISHING CHARECTERISTICS:  See the discussion regarding the M1867 Werndl . The M1873 has a turned up breechblock lever and the hammer is shaped differently and pivots within the wrist of the stock rather than on an exterior mounted lock plate.

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