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M1879 Argentine Remington Rolling Block

(Modelo Argentino 1879 E.N.,   aka Remington "Patria")
GENERALLY: Must read --->Remington Historical information from Argentina!!

PHOTO:  The pictured rifle is a standard Modelo Argentino still sporting some of its original tin finish (most export rolling blocks were not blued but rather tinned).

DISTINGUISHING CHARECTERISTICS: Look for the finest sight ever fitted to a military rolling block  During this period of history Argentina was a developing world power (the sixth highest per capita in the world until it slid into socialism in the 1920's) strongly influenced by German developments. It's sight, ordered from Remington, is a duplicate of the Austrian Werndl sight and excellent in every respect (BPCS shooters take note :). The barrel is affixed with a sabre bayonet lug on the right side and held with three screw-retained barrel bands. The breech end also sports a 2.25 inch octagonal knoxform with "Modello Argentino. 1879 E.N." stamped on it (E.N.= Ejercito Nacional, i.e.National Army) and three line Remington patent markings on the tang..

MISC NOTES: The rifle displayed also has stamped on the top of it's knoxform "11MM MANN" meaning that it has been rechambered to accept the 11mm Mannlicher (Werndl) cartridge. Ironic considering the sight!  Approximately 300 such rifles were so rechambered in the late 1950's  as at that time large quantities of 11mm Mannlicher ammo were being imported and shooting quantities of .43 Spanish ammo were scarce. There were no practical sources of new brass and the rifles were easier to sell with large quantities of cheap ammo available.

More:  There are a fairly large number of Argentine Model Remington rolling block rifles around which do not carry the Argentine markings on the knoxform but are in all other respects exactly like the Argentines. Most appear to be in excellent condition. It has been suggested that Remington had a significant overrun of the rifles and, Argentina conducting extensive trials for a replacement in the 1880's and adopting the Mauser in 1891, that Remington assembled and sold the overrun directly to the US civilian market. Any ideas?

E.N. = Ejercito National = National Army  (To distinguish from National Police)


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