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M1887 Turkish Mauser


GENERALLY:   The Turkish M1887 Mauser is a further refinement of the M1871/84 German Mauser.    The action was strengthened by the addition of a single locking lug* (see letter below) and calibre was further reduced.  This rifle fired the smallest caliber black powder lead bullet military cartridge adopted by any nation.  Its 9.5 x 60R cartridge represents what is regularly referred to as the epitome of black powder cartridge design.  Unfortunately, at the time of its adoption it was already technologically obsolete as all of Europe was racing to re-arm with small caliber (8mm), smokeless powder cartridge rifles.  Although the Mauser contract was for five hundred thousand rifles, only about two hundred thousand were produced, as it was obsolete before the contract was completed.  It had am eight shot tubular magazine.

PHOTO: The rifle shown is a M1887 Turkish Mauser

DISTINGUISHING CHARECTERISTICS:  Except for bolt numbers, the rifle is completely marked in Turkish, including its sights.  The Turkish reads "Waffenfabrik Mauser Oberndorf a/Neckar-Deutche Riech", (Mauser Factory Oberndorf, Germany).  Unlike the I.G. Mod 71/84 German Mauser, it's design progenitor, the M1887 Turkish Mauser carries a cleaning rod in a channel in the left side of the fore-end similarly to the M1886 Portugese Kropatchek and, also like the Portugese, does not have a stacking rod. The Turkish M1887 has only two barrel bands,  the Mod71/84 German Mauser has three.  The forward swing swivel is mounted on the fore end cap, unlike that of the Mod.71/84 which is mounted on the center band.

MISC NOTES:  This was the last black powder cartridge rifle manufacturer by Mauser.

*  Additional information:
Subj: 1887 Turk. Mauser
Date: 01-02-11 14:29:18 EST
From: Z55alive
To: KeithDoyon

I recently got an 1887 Turkish Mauser. Thought I would share some info.

The extra locking lug is NOT on the front, as has been many times stated in the books.  The lug is located on the rear of the bolt body, which appears to be indentical to the '71/84.  The bolt handle locks up in the 3:00 position.  The extra lug is about 7:00.  As I have one in my hands, I just thought I would share.



"Waffenfabrik Mauser Oberndorf a/Neckar-DeutcheRiech"  (Mauser Factory Oberndorf,
Germany).  The bottom line is the rifle's serial number


A close view shows thecleaning rod channel on the left side of the forestock; The cleaning rod
is missing on this example but would fit into the channel almost exactly like that of the M1886 Portuguese Kropatchek


If you look carefully, you can just see the additional locking lug which is located along the
bottom of the bolt just where the bolt meets the wrist, in the 5:00 o'clock position in this photo.
Behind (to the left) of the locking lug, along the very bottom is the striker which engages the
trigger sear.  All else is about identical to the German I.G. Mod 71/84.


Mod. 71/84 German Mauser, above
M1887 Turkish Mauser, below


Mod. 71/84 German Mauser, background
M1887 Turkish Mauser, foreground

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