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M1868 Spanish Peabody (1st Colonial Model)*

(Fusil Peabody do Ejercito de Ultramer - Spanish Colonial Army)

*I have been unable to confirm this model designation or that of the M1870 Spanish Peabody, or my speculation that this model  is in fact a Peabody "Spanish" model.  However, except for caliber and a caliber appropriate breech-block, this rifle is identical to the M1870 Spanish model, hence my inclusion of it here, but I will occationally refer to it as the "M1868 1st Model Spanish(?)" with question mark.


GENERALLY:   (My only written sources of information for these rifles are Edward A. Hull's Providence Tool Company Military Arms and  John Walter's Rifles of the World.  I would appreciate any additional information).  Walter suggests that there were perhaps 25,000 produced and that they were ordered for service with the Spanish Colonial army based in Cuba.  This first contract Spanish Peabody rifle was supposedly chambered in 13mm rimfire (the American .56-50 Spencer cartridge).  The rifle is a conventional back-action Peabody.  Furniture is very close to the other military model Peabodys, the M1866 Canadian, M1867 Swiss, M1868 Roumanian and the M1870 2nd Model Spanish Peabody.

PHOTOS:  The rifle shown is what I believe to be a M1868 1st Model Spanish Peabody (Fusil Peabody do Ejercito de Ultramer - Spanish Colonial Army model).  Walter states that it is chambered for the .56-50 Spencer Rimfire (13mmR) cartridge.

DISTINGUISHING CHARECTERISTICS:   Hull does not mention this model.  Walter gives its dimentions and describes the M1866 Canadian model, but indicates that it was manufactured in 1868-69, which seems unlikely given the development of the Peabody during the several intervening years between development of the Canadian and the later Roumanian centerfire, for example.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  Be SURE to see the Peabody and Peabody-Martinis page for substantial information of this and the other similar military Peabody rifles.


This .50 cal Peabody with Spanish type rear sight (another reason I refer to it as
the M1868 2nd Model Spanish) is entirely typical of all military Peabodys of the
1866-1870 era.


This M1868 1st Model Spanish back sight is shared with
the M1870 2nd Model Spanish.



In the above photo, the top example is the M1868 1st Model Spanish(?) in 13mm rimfire;
and the lower photo is the .43 Spanish centerfire M1870 2nd Model Spanish.


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