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M1872 Greek Mylonas


(photos are taken from The History and Development of Small Arms Ammunition, George A. Hoyem, VOL II - Centerfire Primitive and Martial Long Arms, Armory Publications, Tacoma, 1982)

GENERALLY:  Developed by a Greek Artillery Major named Enstathios Mylonas, the M1872 Mylonas featured a breech block which dropped vertically actuated by a lever located ahead and protruding below the trigger guard.  The rifle is a modification of the Belgian Comblain but with a larger protruding hammer and the under lever in lieu of the trigger guard/ housing lever of Comblain's patent.  The Mylonas was not considered successful and was shortly replaced by the M1874 French Gras.

PHOTO: The rifle shown is a M1872 Greek Mylonas infantry rifle.

DISTINGUISHING CHARECTERISTICS:  The style of the breech block actuating lever is unique to the Mylonas and readily distinguishes the rifle.

MISC NOTES:  The Mylonas was chambered for the M1874 French Gras cartridge (11x59R).  However, The Gras was adopted by France 2 years later than the Mylonas.  Perhaps the Gras cartridge was modeled after the Mylonas cartridge.


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