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M1868 or 1871(?) Spanish Model Remington

GENERALLY:   This should be the original 43 Spanish Remington rifle (11.15 x 58) purchased by Mexico.   Walter reports that 10,000 were purchased in the early 1870s and that an additional 3,000 were purchased in 1877.  This rifle, and its Spanish counterpart, are easily the most commonly encountered Remington rolling block rifles (although it is difficult to find a Mexican marked Remington, most of them having seen very heavy use.

PHOTO:  I would love a photo of a Mexican marked Remington Rolling Block!!

DISTINGUISHING CHARECTERISTICS:  Mexican rifles are marked R. DE MEXICO or simply RM.  As far as I can tell, dimensions, furniture and characteristics are virtually identical to the M1871 Spanish Remington.

It is possible that some of these rifles may display the  "Liberty Cap On Sunburst" design, sometimes called the "Phrygian cap insignia" but as I have not seen a Mexican marked Remington Rolling Block I cannot say definitively.  For an example of what it might look like, please see the  M1872 Mexican Whitney-Laidley (also Laidley-Emery) Military rifle.

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