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M18__ Nepalese Snider Enfield


This beautiful photo of a Nepalese Snider courtesy of J. E. Robb of the Military Curio & Relics Gallery,

GENERALLY:  This rifle is, along with the Nepalese Peabody Wessely, one of the least well known rifles of this era.  I have never seen written information on this rifle, although I have seen several such rifles.

PHOTO:  I believe the rifle shown to be Nepalese manufactured and military issued.  It is a perfect pattern Snider Enfield, well built, with only minor variations from the British version.  It is very well built and certainly factory or arsenal made as both examples that I have seen are very well tooled and show no signs whatsoever of being a "one-off" kind of Afgan rifle.  It is chambered for the .577 Snider cartridege, rifled simalarly to the British Enfield, and well marked in what I believe to be Nepalese.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS:   Nearly identical to the British pattern Snider Enfield, (variants II and III) complete with brass in the same places (nosecap, trigger guard, buttplate).  Differing only noticealby in its markings and in the sideplate, hammer engraving and that the bands are spring retained rather than screw retained.,

FURTHER READINGS:   I wish that I knew.  Please write to me if you can help me out.

Subj: Nepal Snider
Date: 01-01-03 16:39:46 EST
From: TN Longhunter
To: KeithDoyon

 First, thanks for your site. Found it over the holiday break and pulled a lot of good information off it.  Very interested in the Sniders as I came into three recently.  As to the Nepalese Snider you have listed I may have some information. I had to wait until a Nepalese friend of mine got back from Nepal but I got him to look at the photos I printed from your site.

 (KD Note, these are references to the rifle pictured here and on the accompanying page linked below)
Underside of Breech block is "546"
Closed breech  is  "K"
Trigger guard is "KA 8"
sight top "5,6,7,9"
sight side "1,2,3,4"
barrel band "446"    (Very close to 546 on breechblock. Prints could be better so check to see if symbols are same. They will be very close).


My friend also stated that India (Hende') and Nepal (Nepalese) uses the same alphabet and number system. Could be Indian but they used English on most of their rifles while Nepal used there own language.  This all may be information you already know but if it helps, so much the better.


Once again thanks for the site.


Thss beautiful photo set of a Nepalese Snider courtesy of J. E. Robb of the Military Curio & Relics Gallery,

 More Distinguishing Charecteristics of (what I believe to be) a Nepalese Snider Enfield:

The Nepalese Snider Enfield above, British Snider Enfield conversion below.


 Nepalese Snider Enfield rear sight.


Nepalese Snider Enfield hammer showing decorative engraving.

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