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Major Classifications by PERIOD:

I.  Conversions of muzzle-loaders to breechloaders   (~1865-1869)

II.    Purpose-built breechloaders  (~1869-1886)
     A.    Single-shot rifles   
              (Linked List)
     B.    Magazine rifles
           i.  Tube magazine rifles   (1869, 1878-1888)
                   (Linked List)    (Note: add  Swiss Vetterlis)
           ii.  Box magazine rifles   (1886-1890)
                   (Linked List)

Major Classification by TYPE

      Forward lifting block (Mont Storm)
              (Linked List)
      Side lifting block (Snider)
             (Linked List)   
       Lifting block
                (Linked List)
        Pivoting block
              (Linked List)
       Dropping block
              (Linked List)
        Turning block
       Turning bolt
              (Linked List)

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