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More information on Argentine Military Rifles and Carbines
  of the Black Power Cartridge era

The following information and pictures were received from Sr. EdwardoFontenla who was kind enough to allow me to post it here.  My sincere thanks to Sr. Fontenla.
A brief description of the Remington models in Argentina:

1) Model 1866/71 made in USA

       a) Tercerola de caballería (Cavalry short-carbine).  During April and May of 1873 deliveries were made to Argentina for the national army and navy (Ejército y           Armada Nacional), the first Remington, Model 1866-1871.

       b) Fusil de infanteria (Infantry rifle).   This rifle was used for the Argentinean cavalry between 1873-1891.  Then they adopted the Mauser 1891 in 7,65 mm.   At           the same time as the Mauser was adopted (1891) The Remington was  transfered to the ArgentineProvincial police (Argentinean provinces = USA states)                   where it was in use until beginning this century.  This models used a socket bayonet.

2) Mosquetón de Caballería sistema Remington 1866/75 (Cavalry Musket Remington System M1866/75)
         This rifle was Made in Liege, Belgium by Auguste Francotte.  It was used by the Argentinean cavalry from 1876 to 1891. It was bought by the Argentine                     government to complement the original Remingtons made in USA

3) Model 1874 Made in USA

          a) Tercerola de caballería (Cavalry short-carbine).  The second model short-carbine was delivered to Argentina between 1874 and 1875, for the Army and                the Navy.
          b) Fusil de Infantería (infantry rifle).  Used for Argentina's Infantry between 1874 and 1875 till 1891 when My country adopted the Mauser M1891. Later these              weapons were transfered to Provinces Police till the first decades of the present century.  This models used a sword or saber-bayonet with right or                          "yatagan" blade (like "S" shape)

4) M1879 Modelo Argentino (Argentine Model) Made in USA

         a) Tercerola de caballería (Cavalry short-carbine)  Its the third model of Remington short-carbine bought  in USA.  It was the reglamentary weapon from 1879           to 1891, and later transfered to Provincial Police forces.

         b) Fusil de Infantería (infantry rifle).  Used for the infantry between 1879 and 1891, then it was transfer to Police. (Keith Doyon's note:   This is the "classic"                   Argentine Remington re-imported into the US during the 1960s that is often encountered and which is featured on the main Argentine page of this site).
         The short-carbine and the musket have the breech in octagonal shape.

  a.. In the middle of the 1890's, during the war menace with Chile, Argentina have a little quantity of a new Mauser 1891, but a lot of Ludwig Loewe 7,65 mm barrels spares parts. Well, the Army used the blocks of the 1879 Remingtons and the German barrels, shooting a 7,65 Mauser Argentino cardtrige without problems.
  b.. Now the Rolling-block system are custom with a new barrels in 44-40 or 45-70 for hunt.
  c.. Here in my country the M1879 Remington is known as the  "Remington Patria"
I enclose a history photo with Argentinian soldiers using Remington Rolling Blocks and other rifles. (see below)

If you want I send you Information about the Vetterli in the police forces in Argentine.
(Keith Doyon note:  I have included this rare information below!)

Eduardo Fontenla
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