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Japanese MURATA Type 18 (M.1885)


GENERALLY:  The Murata Type 18 is merely an improved Murata Type 13 (M1880) which it closely resembles.    See the reference on the Murata Type 13 (M1880) for general details applicable to the Type 18.

PHOTO: The rifle shown is a typical Murata Type 18 (M1885).  These rifles saw service as late as the Russo-Japanese war.

DISTINGUISHING CHARECTERISTICS:   The Murata Type 18 is most readily distinguished from the Type 13 by the bolt stop being a cross pin which is mounted and locked from the left side of the stock, below the receiver, rather than being mounted on the bolt as in the Mauser. See photo below.  The Type 18 retained the barrel band mounted bayonet lug, but added a small tenon on the left side of the barrel.  The receiver ring of the Type 18 was flat topped and gas escape ports ('a la French Gras) were added along with the French Gras M.80 type gas escape channel in the receiver and bolt handle at the head of the bolt.


Muzzle showing barrel band mounted bayonet lug.


The Type 18's large bolt handle is hollow and, like it's Type 13 predecessor copied from the Dutch Beaumont, contains the firing pin spring, a conventional flat spring.


Bolt stop cross pin mounted and locked from the left side of the stock, below the receiver.


 "Imperial Japanese Murata Rifle  Tokyo Arsenal Small Arms Factory"

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