M1848/54/65 Danish Snider Infantry Rifle
  M1853/66 Danish Snider Naval Rifle


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GENERALLY: Walter indicates that after the adoption of the M1867 Danish Rolling Block rifle, funds were unavailable to completely re-equip Denmark's military forces, so conversion of earlier rifles via the Snider system was also pursued.   The M1848/54/65 was converted from the Mod.1848 Bagladeriffel piller breach loading rifle, the conversions being accomplished at the Copenhagen factory in 1866-68.  The original navel rifles were built in Liege, initially converted at the armory in Kronborg for the navy (1853-5), and later also converted to the Snider system in Copenhagen in 1866.

PHOTO: The rifle shown is a M1853/66 Danish Naval Snider, having been converted from the M1853 pillar breech rifle.

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS:   The interesting Dahlhoff back sight is positioned immediately forward of the Snider action in both naval and infantry models.  The Infantry model rifle's barrel is retained by three bands, the center band also serving to mount a through bolt which also supports the sling swivel.  The metal nosecap is conventionally fitted back from the muzzle, which is fitted with a very small bayonet stud below and well ahead of the front sight.

In distinction, the barrel of the naval model is retained by keys with a metal nosecap being  fitted very nearly at the tip of the barrel, immediately under the long bayonet bar.  There is also a through bolt very near the muzzle which supports the front sling swivel.  The trigger guard is brass with an integral spur similar to the M1869 and M1873 Austrian Werndl Jager models.  The Snider type breech block of the naval rifles bear a genuine similarity to the later but contemporary M1869 Dutch Snider.

Miscellaneous Notes:  This was originally a pillar-breech weapon, 5000 of which had been bought in Liege - apparently from Malherbe - by the Schleswig-Holstein rebels. After the failure of the 1848 insurrection, 2540 guns where adapted in Kronborg in 1853-5 and issued to the Danish Navy.
M1853/66 Danish Snider Naval Rifle

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