M1869 n.M. Bavarian Werder


(I am very grateful to the Hayes Brothers for their generosity with the photos of the M1869 n.M Werder appearing on this page.)

GENERALLY:   In 1875, the M1869 Werder underwent further modification and refinement by re-barrelling to the M1871 Mauser barrel and including the then current M1871 Mauser rear sight, nosecap, rod and strengthened extractor.  Like its immediate predecessor ( the M1869 "Aptiertes" Werder ), the Werder n.M. was also chambered in the German 11.15x60R Mauser cartridge, facilitationg supply.  Although the Werder n.M. indeed prooved more robust than earlier Werders, it remained in service as the primary Bavarian arm only until replaced by the M1871 Mauser beginning in 1877.

PHOTO:  The above photo is of the M1869 n.M. Bavarian Werder Infantry rifle.

DISTINGUISHING CHARECTERISTICS:  Like the M1869 and the M1869 "Aptiertes" Werder the "opposing triggers" on this rifle are the immediate confirmation that this is a Werder.  The M1869 n.M. is a new model of Werder distinguished from its earlier Werder forms by having a Mauser barrel.  This is distinguished from the earlier M1869 in that the n.M.'s knoxform is much longer than the M1869 Werder, extending, like the M1871 Mauser, all the way to the rear sight.  Additionally, the knoxforms may be marked "Amberg" with Crown, (denoting new actions and barrels manufactured at the Maschinenfabrik in Amburg) or manufactured by OEWG in Styer.  The barrel is M1871 Mauser length is also shorter than the M1869 barrel.  Another distinguishing characteristic is the positioning of the bayonet lug on the nosecap rather than welded to the barrel, as in the earlier models, which gives the M1869 n.M. a fore end profile practically identical to its cousin by marriage, the M1871 Mauser.

Long knoxform ahead of the short, octoganl receiver, nearly filling the space between receiver and rear sight, distinguishes the M1869 n.M. (lower photo in each set below) featured on this page from the earlier M1869 Werder  "Aptiertes" model shown in upper photos for comparison:


M1869 Werder  "Aptiertes", (short, small knoxform) the "middle" model Werder, in the upper photo, below. M1869 n.M. Werder, lower photo, below.  Long, heavy knoxform identical to the the M1871 German Mauser, which, from the receiver on forward, this Werder practically is.


M1869 Werder  "Aptiertes" above, still showing the configuration from which it was derived.
M1869 n.M. Werder, below, with a snout identical to the the M1871 Mauser, from which the M1869 n.M. was derived.


Amberg markings showing the origin of the barreled receiver of this M1869 Werder n.M.

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