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M1870 Uruguayan Remington Rolling Block


GENERALLY:  The M1870 Uruguayan Remington Rolling Block rifle was built for Uruguay under license from Remington by the Liege (Belgium) Syndicate, principally the gunmaker A. Francotte.

PHOTO:  The rifle shown is a Belgian produced Uruguay M1870 Rolling Block chambered for the classic 11mm Spanish(11.15x58R) cartridge.  It is a two band "short rifle."  It has a 27-1/2" barrel and is stocked to within about 4-1/2" of the end of the barrel.  This example  is finished bright and has sling swivels under the front barrel band and on the front of the trigger guard.

DISTINGUISHING CHARECTERISTICS:   The Uruguayan M1870 Rolling Block  has a firing pin retractor on the breech block similar to the M1871/89 Remington Reformado (Ovideo produced) rolling block rifles.  Markings include "Republica Oriental" on the barrel, crossed cannon barrels on the top of the receiver, and the Belgian builder "A. FRANCOTTE Liege" markings on the tang.

MISC NOTES:   Remington pattern rolling block rifles were also made by the Liege Syndicate for Egypt (Nagant made M1868 Egyptian Remington Rolling Block), Argentina (M1866/75 Remington) the Papal States (Pontificio Remington) and Luxumberg among others.

(Nomenclature.   I am not certain of the Model designation of this rifle.  It's design is very close to the M1868 Egyptian but for the firing pin retractor and bayonet lug and tenon.   If anyone is sure about these two rifles please let me know)


Below:  A 2nd example of a Uraguayan Francotte built Remington Rolling Block


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Updated: Nov 12, 2021

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