M1888 US Springfield Ramrod Bayonet & Buffington Sight:

    The "ramrod" bayonet of the M1888 in its retracted position.

    underside of the M1888 showing retaining lever.  To extend the bayonet the
    lever is rocked around a central spring loaded pivot utilizing the two thumb-finger

    The ramrod is extended to the first detent.   This is not an operational position
    but is shown simply to illustrate the detents that retain the rod when it is stowed.

    The ramrod bayonet fully extended, locked into place at the lower pair of detents,
    and ready for business.

 The Buffington sight viewed from above.           Buffington Sight long range leaf extended;
 The upper  knob is the slide extention knob,       Windage is also adjusted.
 the lower knob is the windage knob.


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