More M1874 Turkish Peabody-Martini Detail Photos:

See the conversion table below for translations of Turkish numbers.

Right side and left side of this Turkish Peabody's Rear Sight.
Above:  The original Turkish markings: 100, 200, 300 & 400 meters.
Below:  What I believe are later added markings


A distinctive charecteristic of the M1874 Type A Turkish Peabody-Martini is
it's checkered buttplate, virtually identical with the British Martini-Henry Type I.


Above:  M1874 Turkish Peabody-Martini, safety is ON, rifle is cocked, ready to fire.

Below:  M1874 Turkish Peabody-Martini, safety is OFF, rifle has been fired.

In Western denotation, this would be Serial Number 29276

A conversion table for Arabic-Turkish and Western numerals.  First contract Peabody-Martini rifles range from 1 -- 200,000; second contract rifles range from 200,001 -- 500,000; and third contract rifles range from 500,001 to 600,000. Serial numbers over 600.000 appear on rifles which were manufactured to replace those that had been lost in 2 shipping accident.

Another example, different serial number.
This one I believe to be Serial Number 217552




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