M1874 Turkish Peabody-Martini (Japanese Purchase):

In about 1880 some 9,000 Turkish Peabody-Martinis were purchased
(in 2 lots) for use by the Japanese navy.  These are believed to have
been war booty forfeited to the Russians a the conclusion of the
Russo-Turkish war of (1878-9?) and shortly sold to the Japanese.
The rifles were later conveyed to the Ministry of Education for use
in Japanese (military?) schools.  This one is so marked.

Right side of knoxform, just ahead of the receiver.
Kanji translates as:  "Meiji 13 Year Gun 1st Modification/Receipt"
(Meiji 13 is the Western year 1880).
(Thank you to Chip Goddard for his guidance regarding the translations relating to this rifle.)

Top of Knoxform, just immediately ahead of receiver.
An abbreviated version of the Kanji for "Education Ministry"

Right buttstock caratouch.  Looks like a styalized "A" but I have no clue.
Anyone have any ideas?

Above and below:  Two views of the same faint cartouche
It is the cartouch of a school; this rifle was a school
training rifle, but the cartouch is too feint for me to
make out


Above:  original Turkish Peabody rear sight marked in Turkish units
Below:  Japanese sight with Arabic style numerals overstriking the
original Turkish markings.




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