A second Japanese Purchase M1874 Turkish Peabody-Martini:

This is another of the some 9,000 Turkish Peabody-Martinis which were purchased by the Japanese.  More details are given on the accompanying page which is linked on the main Turkish Peabody-Martini page as:  M1874 Turkish Peabody-Martini (Capture/Japanese Purchase)
Please see that page for additional information.

This particular rifle is one of the later model "Type B" Turkish Peabody-Martinis and I've included some of the features of the Type B to aid in distinguishing the Types.

Right side of knoxform, just ahead of the receiver.
Kanji translates as:  "Meiji 15th Year (1882) Gun - 1st Receipt."
Compare this kanji (Japanese charecters) to that appearing on the other JapaneseTurkish Peabody-Martini in this section.
(Thank yous yet one more time to Chip Goddard for his guidance regarding the translation relating to this rifle.)

Above:  original Turkish Peabody rear sight marked in Turkish units
Below:  Japanese sight with Arabic style numerals overstriking the
original Turkish markings.




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