M1869 Swiss Vetterli Infantry Rifle:


    Loading gate of the M1869 closed.  The small pin below the large pivot screw
    is a travel stop for the gate itself.   stop The gate was removed from subsequent

    Loading gate open.

    Right side of the M1869 Vetterli.  The slot and detents are for the elevator assist
    spring which was removed early on as being unnecessary.

    Notch cut into the bottom of the elevator into which (I believe but
    am not sure) the elevator assist spring was fitted.

    Sight of the M1869 calibrated to 1,000 schritt.

    Left side of M1869 Sight and knoxform.

    The forestock and barrel were fitted not only with barrel bands
    but with a retaining pin as well.  Nothing if not sure those Swiss!!


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