M1851/67 Swiss Milbank-Amsler Stutzer:

Photos this page courtesy of Kristopher Gassior (www.collectiblefirearms.com)

GENERALLY:   M1851/67 Stutzer (Sharpshooter rifle).  .41 Swiss.  Double set triggers.  Swiss breech loading short rifle converted from percussion Stutzer.  This  particular gun was converted by S.I.G, Neuhausen as stated by markings on the  receiver.

PHOTO: The rifle shown is a M1851/67 Swiss Milbank-Amsler Stutzer Short Rifle.

DISTINGUISHING CHARECTERISTICS:  The M1851/67 Stutzer Short Rifle carries a very distinctive highly curved buttplate with upper and lower spurs and double set triggers.




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