The M1871/89 Spanish Remington (Oviedo):

A Model 1871/89 Spanish made Remington rifle, manufactured at the armory at Oviedo, Spain.
From this angle it is indistinguishable from the original M1871.


Rear sight, M1871/89 on the left ... original M1871 Spanish-made rifle on the right, showing
the long range volly notch on the left side of the sight slide.  The volly notch lined up with a
front volly sight  mounted on the left side of the front barrel band,  shown in the picture
immediately below.


Proof mark on the top of the rear of the barrel.  The M1871/89 is the lower example,
the "R" designating "Reformado" or "reformed" cartridge.  That is, the later
11.5x57R Spanish Remington.  The upper rifle is an original M1871 Spanish
Remington, chambered in the 11.15x57R Spanish Remington (.43 Spanish)
cartridge also used extensively by Remington for it's export rifles, principally
to Mexico and South America.

The cleaning rod of the M1871 and the M1871/89 Oviedo Spanish Remington rifles is unique
for a Rolling Block, being retained in the cleaning rod channel via s shoulder which locks
below the nosecap, very much like the British Martini-Henry series.

Notice that this box of cartridges is specifically for the 11.4mm (M1871/89) Spanish Reformado.
There is only the slightest bottleneck compared to the Remington Spanish Rolling Block.
Note also the "A" base which is more closely associated with the Mauser, Mannlicher and
Gras 11mm cartridges.


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