The M1868 Roumanian Peabody Cartridge:

Some sources, notably Jean Huon, Military Rifle and Machine Gun Cartridges,  asserts that the.45 Roumanian Peabody cartridge was chambered for the same cartridge as the .45 Turkish Peabody-Martini, but examination and chamber casting shows otherwise.  In fact, the Roumanina cartridge is most likely based on the .43 Egypian Remington necked up to .45 calibre.  References to a 59 or 60mm long Roumanian cartridge are not applicable to the Roumanian Peabody.  However, as I have never examined a .45 M1879 Roumanian Peabody-Martini, it is certainly possible that this latter rifle is chambered similarly to the Turkish rifle as the two rifles are nearly identical otherwise.

The CerroSafe(R) chamber cast of the M1868 Roumanian (top) demonstrates a case that is much
more akin to the M1868 Remington Egyptian than the later M1872 Turkish Peabody-Martini

The 5 cartridges on the left are M1868 .43 Egyptian Remington; the 5 cartridges on the right are M1871 11mm
(.43) Dutch Beaumont (believed to have been based on the Egyptian cartridge); the long fellow in the center
is a .45 Turkish Peabody-Martini cartridge, and the shinny one to its left is unknown, but very close to the M1868
.45 Roumanian chamber cast shown above.  All of these cartridges but the Turkish will chamber snugly in the
M1868 Roumanian Model Peabody rifle, but of course the bullets of all but the two center examples are quite undersized.

Above:  Attempting to load the .45 Turkish cartridge into the Roumanian Peabody ...
rather like one of cinderella's sisters trying on the glass slipper.   Not even close.

Below:  Roumanian (top); Turk Peabody-Martini (below).  No wonder.




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