M1868 Roumanian Peabody and M1867 Swiss Peabody Compared:

Because the Roumanian Peabody and the M1867 Swiss Peabody are quite similar these photos are offered to assist in differentiating the two rifles.  Don't forget to check the Peabody and Peabody-Martinis page in the General Information section of this website.

Above:  M1868 Roumanian
Below:  M1867 Swiss.  Not the length of the rear sight leaf.  The knoxform on the Swiss is not
dispositive because this Swiss Peabody was converted to M1867/77 by the Swiss installing a
new barrel, forestock and breech block.  Original unconverted Swiss Peabodys have a round
tapered barrel just as does the M1868 Roumanian.

Another view of the rear sights
Left:  M1868 Roumanian Peabody;     Right:  M1867/77 Swiss Peabody

M1868 Roumanian, above.
M1867/77 Swiss (a Swiss manufactured breech block!! installed when
the rifle was converted with new barrel by the Swiss because the original Peabody
barrels wore out), below.

M1868 Roumanian, Left
M1867/77 Swiss (a Swiss manufactured breech block!!), Right.



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