MORE Jarmann Photos:

(This set of photos courtesy of a wonderful Swedish correspondent)




Pic showing the left side of the receiver.  The lever that flips over forward and back, along side of the receiver, is the magazine "repeater selector" to lock the elevator spoon up for single shot use, or to engage the elevator spoon for use as a repeater.

Note the tab on the right side of the forward barrel band.  This was the long range (or "volly") front sight, used in lieu of the regular front sight when shooting at very extended ranges, when accuracy was not critical and the rifles were to be used as though they were artillary, firing en masse as vollys!!  This feature is seen on numbers of rifles of this era such as the Russian M1871 Berdan II, the Spanish M1871/89 Remington and the Belgian M1873 Albani.



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