More M1860/64/68 Norwegian Remington Rolling Block pics:
(Photos of this fine rifle are courtesy of Paul E. Pelfrey

        (Photo courtesy George Layman, from The Military Remington Rolling Block Rifle, George Layman,
        1992-1997,Third Ed., Page 135 (now in it's 4th edition)).

This photo allows a good comparison between the more common
M1867 Norway/Swedish Remington receiver and the clearly more rounded
receiver front edge of the M1860/64/68 Remington conversion.

Standard early Remigton receiver, built under license from Reminton,
showing that the rifle remains in it's original Rimfire configuration.

Right receiver view showing the Norway/Swedish expression of the licensed
Remington action with its set screw retainers in lieu of the cross pin retainer
found on virtually all other Reminton Rolling Blocks including the Remington
built receivers of the M1867 Norway/Swedish Remingtons.  This view also
very clearly illustrates the M1860/64/68's most notable feature, the extremely
short section of forestock and barrel between the receiver and lower barrel band.


KPB= Kungliga Pontonierbataljonen        (Royal Pontoon Batallion)
IK= Ingenjorskaren                                    (Engineers)

This unit existed from 1867 to 1892.

buttplate with what appear to be rack numbers.

Nice view of the muzzle illustrating the massive
12.7mm bore and the rifles hexagonal rifling.



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