Kammerlader M1848/54/67 Landemerke:

GENERALLY:   The first Norwegian breech-loader was the chamber-loading rifle (Kammerladningsgevcer) designed by Scheel Gregersen (one or two, I don't know), adopted in 1842. The breech-block itself contained the chamber and was accessed by pivoting at the rear via a side lever, mounted on an eccentric cam which opened the action and provided a reasonably effectual breech-seal when the action was returned to battery and sealed.  An under-hammer  is mounted ahead of the trigger guard, in it's own trigger-guard-like housing.

After the Norwegian army had adopted the Remington Rolling Block, in 1867, many chamber-loaders were altered to fire the same rimfire cartridge.   This conversions for the army was known as the Lund.  Conversions undertaken for the navy were of generally older models and maintained the bore of the originals, 16.8mm, and were known as Landmark conversions.


DISTINGUISHING CHARECTERISTICS:  These rifles seem to be in a class ALL by themselves!!!   :)



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