The Westley Richards' "Improved Martini":
       (14!!  photos this page ... please be patient)

(I would like to especially thank Mr. John Baines of the UK for his extensive help with researching the Westly Richards lineage of the Nepalese Peabody Gehendra rifle and for graciously providing me with the following photos and permission to share them here.)




    An early 1870s Westley Richards (photo from Walter, Rifles of the World)

    Yet another variety of Westley Richards, note comed stock and wrist reinforcing bolts

    It's in the internals that we see the STRONG similarity to the Nepalese
    Gehendra.  Note that the hammer rides within the operating lever just as
    does the hammer of the Nepalese.

    Above:  Hammer cocked.  Note we are taling about a Hammer, not a striker
    Below:  Hammer has been fired.


   Note notch on the rear receiver of this Westley Richards Carbine, to
    accomodate particularly long cartridges.

    Inscription below the sight reads:  "FOR W.R. MARTINI CARTRIDGES"


    The Westley Richards "Triangle" trademark

    Inscription on the barrel of this early carbine reads:



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