The Nepalese Gehendra
    Receiver and action parts exploded:





NOW compare the Nepalese Gehendra to the early Wessley(?) improvement "self cocking" gun action shown in the photos below!!  The Westly Richards is an internal hammer self cocking imporvement over the Peabody hammer, driven by a conventional flat spring.  This improvement is earlier than the late M1895(?) Westley Richards military rifle action design which appeared in the Z.A.R. Westley Richards.  That rifle is more properly denominated a 'Westley Richards incorporating the Francotte Patent Breech' and is not so much a straight Martini but is a Martini derivative.

The above woodcut is taken from a Peabody pamphlet dated 1870.  Figure IV (above)
is titled "A Peabody self-cocking gun, with Wesseley improvement."
Querry - Is the reference to "Wesseley" a misprint which should have read "Westley"?
It seems likely in view of the very close similarity of the above to the early
Westley Richards "Improved Martini" seen on the linked page.



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