(I was sent the following two letters and photos):

Dear Keith,

Sending you also a drawing (1) of the "mushroom", from 1880 on used on ALL Belgian Comblain, Therssen- and Albini-guns.

Also a drawing (2) of the bronze cleaning tool ("écouvillon") for Comblain cavalry "mousquetons" and a picture (3) to see how the real thing looked like. Last (4), picture of the screwdriver for the Comblain 1882. (the whole thing is in iron, except the small brass tube which is meant to put in the barrel to guide the cleaning rod while cleaning the barrel with the iron rod)







Attached, a (low compression) photo of a steel tube that fits into the chamber of Albini, Terssen and Comblain rifles. The tube has the dimensions of the normal round/cartridge. The smaller cartridge that went into this tube was meant to learn soldiers how to shoot their weapon. The earlier tubes had the same dimensions, but were in bronze.  These tubes are very hard to find nowadays and quite expensive.  Made already copies of instruction books on Comblain rifles etc. I'm waiting to get some more and then I'll send your everything by (normal) mail.



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