More 1874(?) Chilean Comblain:

A must see!!!!!  Follow this link!! Le fusil Comblain
Henrotin Ge'rard's wonderful site on the history and technology of the Comblain rifle.  In french, so if you have trouble with the information let me know.  The photos are universal though!

The Chilean is an exposed hammer variant, but the hammer is substantially different
than the Belgian Comblain hammer.

Hammer in the fired position.

Mftg's markings on the top of the knoxform of the Chilean Comblain.


A distinguishing charecteristic of both the Chilean and the Brazilian Comblains is the lower sling swivel mounting.  It is mounted on a special plate which is screw-affixed to the bottom front of the receiver.  The Belgian variety mounts the sling swivel on the lower buttstock.  I expect that the Brazilian and Chilean mountings is far stronger.

Another distinguishing charecteristic of the Chilean and Brazilian Comblains is the 2-piece lower tang-receiver.  Notice how the lower tang is a seperate piece, mounted with a screw through each side of the receiver (the screw visible is the right tang mounting screw).  The Belgian has a  lower tang integral with the receiver.


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