More M1886 Austrian Mannlicher:

    Rifle is in the process of being cocked.  Bolt is partway withdrawn.

    Bolt is cocked, safety is on.

    Safety off; rifle has been fired.

    View of the locking cam that locks the straight pull bolt closed.  When the bolt is
    thrust forward the cam drops down locking the bolt forward.  Pulling back on the
    bolt pulls the cam up enough to retract the bolt.


    Export marked M1886.

    Long range front sight mounted on the center band.  See also
    More M1888 Austrian Mannlicher pics.

    Cartouche appearing on the right buttstock of this M1886 Mannlicher rifle.
    I believe this to be a Chilean crest. Compare with the cartouche of the
    Chilean Comblain. The Germans had very close ties with South America
    (as Remington did with Central America) and exported a substantial number
    of arms there over the past century!


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